Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rolling hills & round balls

After a 10 year break I joined a soccer summer sixes comp & have been playing with our son & daughter & their friends for 2 years now for a neighbouring township. This year I have opted to join the local soccer team playing for the over 35’s. It’s over the hill soccer. Funnily or not so funnily enough last year the local council sprayed the local ground with what it thought was weed killer but it killed all the grass too. Officially the club went from the Cobra's to the Coyote's...Two very un-Australian icons. But the field is making a comeback just like me & the showering rain of the last few days has been a blessing after a dry spell of late.

We trained last night, but being a small town our limited lighting options meant soccer was played in silhouette style, hard on the eyes & lots of passing to the opposing team (even with fluoro vests).The all age team are mostly rugby players who didn't have the numbers for league so they opted for a soccer team this year & are looking pretty competitive. Then it was off to the pub for a drink & a chin wag then back home to catch up with family after the busyness of the day...


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