Monday, 11 April 2016

Meet & Greet

God's Word presents to us the horror of sin…The brokenness of humanity, the animal kingdom & earth being greatly affected. Amongst all the majestic design & beauty is the hacked misery of our very real condition. Our rebel hearts are at war with God & his ways. Our way or the highway till death do us part is our deceptive dream that we seek to keep alive & kicking. Pride in the stubborn self- will of me, me, me, my, my, my, not God, God, God, foolishly rejects wisdom from on high. It is unwilling to recognise God’s goodness & mercy… such is the horror of sin that it chooses death over life, destruction over peace, flesh over spirit & hell over heaven.

The realm of the dead & the light of life is one thing to contemplate but another to taste and yes, we already partake of this feast. We feed on it & it feeds on us, living yet dying while our spirit resides. This horror of sin can only ultimately be broken by something greater than us, greater than the animal kingdom, greater than the earth & greater than the curse.

The Holy Bible leaves us not in suspense, Christ has come, Christ has overcome & Christ will come again. He has not ceased to be but is making further preparation for the finality of our predicament. God is not dead, that is humanities dire state.

Luke 24:36-49.


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