Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mamma Meme-a Here we go again

This meme appeared on my FB page today. I agree with the sentiment behind it. The body of Christ has a lot of variation & function with overlap or shared roles. Thats my view anyway.  

But I hope it is not denigrating the importance of the teaching role that is given great honour & respect in Scripture. A way God uses to bless & strengthen His church lest we become lop sided, tangental or off target. God gives us a body that each part may do its job/function under Christ the head as we interconnect, relate & worship together. Heb 10:25. It’s how we may mature & grow in faith.

Jesus never said go therefore making images of me for memes on face book either but He did say this. Matt 28:16-20 and this Matt 4:1-11.And the Apostle Paul following in the footsteps of Christ uttered these God inspired words.2 Tim 3:16.


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