Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Not all wardrobes are equal

Secular belief proclaims that religion has no place in public life. It assumes it is neutral, borrows biblical ethics, is entrenched in Naturalism & sets itself up as Lord (the mingledness of Rome & crowds lives on) Hail Caesar!

Christians have been coming out of the closet (or wardrobe) for thousands of years in the name of eternal liberty. Set free from paganistic belief & ideals Christians are set free from the darkness that hinders true freedom that can only be found in Christ the risen Saviour. Col 3:7.

The talking snake (Satanic Spirit) preaches of undiscerned pleasure, delight & fulfilment & wants the world to freely lay down its life for such things. Thankfully not all roads lead to Rome, there is one that leads to the New Jerusalem & only Jesus knows the way through this present silicon wilderness of mirage.


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