Monday, 21 March 2016

Landscape & portrait

The dispersion & redistribution after the great flood & then further again from the plains of Shinar inform us of a great scattering of humanity & creatures. In the first place, it is not science, religion or sociology behind it, nor evolution, but God.

It’s hard to fathom amongst all the theorising & ever changing stories of the modern world looking back with assumptions by experts in their field. Many seek to undermine the truthfulness of Scripture under the guise of intellect & academia. We also experience the guise of political power which can stand for good as much as bad & is open to manipulation on any given day despite its military might & power.

But this doesn’t stop God being God & truth being truth as generations unfold & unfold across the globe. His salvation is just as relevant & needful today. The human heart has not changed…nor has God. Only He can save us from ourselves & sin. It’s why Jesus came, living it just as much teaching it.John 14:1-14.


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