Thursday, 17 March 2016

Atheistic Youtopia

In the 80’s my parents & youngest brother had the opportunity to travel to China. Upon their return they brought back some blue & green hats (with red stars) which we kids thought was fun to wear. We had no idea what they stood for or were a part of in any real depth…

If religion is the opiate of the people & capitalism the great oppressor then communism must sound pretty good on first impressions. However any form of government or economics is not immune to greed or corruption. The criminal heart adapts, sin will always be sin unless the sinless overcomes.

Yesterday in our work break we gave our report card on the Australian government & culture & it wasn’t good news. Corporations have great sway, governments are in need of income & are very good at cost blowouts, rewarding themselves with entitlement & creating lots of risk as the cost of living escalates.

Things influence things in ways that we cannot appreciate in our limitedness & the atheistic anaesthetic is not such a great fix when everything is considered…

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