Monday, 7 March 2016

A composite

It’s International Women’s Day…

So I suppose I am celebrating annoying sisters & over bearing mothers as much as all the sugar & spice & all things nice. I am celebrating bare footedness & high heels, period pain, cravings, pregnant tummies & giving birth. Women’s prisons, women’s refuge centres & women’s bones that lay quietly in the grave or sit crushed to powder & placed in an urn. 

Dress shops, cosmetics, homemade dinners & deserts, hanging out the washing & driving cars not knowing why the oil light is on & why there is a funny noise coming from the engine bay. Celebrating a voice that says tidy your room & lift your game, feed the rabbits, do your homework & take out the bin (please). Sacrificial love for family, some flowers on the table & softly sung lullabies. Cleanly washed & folded linen. Bra’s on the clothes line (for the unliberated but totally free ones), walking sticks, arthritic shaky hands & bent frail backs. Chosen career paths & the not so chosen but just as important.

Not all women are called to singleness, many become one flesh with a man through the gift & calling of marriage, women that may also become mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers & great, great, grandmothers & widows. I am a man & I get to contribute to the forming of my daughters wonderfully through intelligent biology, nurture & education (some of my lessons have been dismal failures).But even in this I can rejoice greatly…God has done great things…In nature & in Christ with something greater yet to come. 


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