Thursday, 25 February 2016

We the often wandering people

It’s been a while since I have studied the book of Isaiah the prophet. There is not a lot I could pull from the top of my head or memory bank but the Lord God’s dialogue in chapters 40 & 55 would be considered classics for me.By the end of the day I may have a few more chapters that are classics streamimg through my mind...God truly understands our rebellious & wandering ways. He calls out to us to take courage, warns us & comforts us.

Many paint a picture of God as the narcissistic avenger but you have to redact a whole lot of Scripture to come to that false conclusion. In God alone do we find perspective, scale & depth of meaning for our hearts, minds & daily living.

The politics of Isaiah’s day vary slightly to our own but many of the predicaments remain the same. Political pressure & oppression in their different forms seek to undermine faith & trust in God.

Introduction to The Study of the Book of Isaiah


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