Saturday, 20 February 2016

waterworld & fluidity

We have become very accustomed to large scale catastrophe within nature but nothing the size of the immense catastrophic event that affected the world at the time of Noah & his family (apart from the fall & curse). Christians are often mocked regarding the alleged impossibility of the event, meanwhile secular science buffs soak up the non-living matters miraculous transformation into life without a shred of hard evidence.

Large scale structure was common in the ancient world, civilisations achieving grand things. But as we know grand things are not limited to the good but also the evil. At that point in time God initiates a judgement upon the world but here is also a picture of salvation & peace with God. 1 Peter 3:20-22.

We are often called upon to wait patiently for God, not to rush ahead in our own strength & wisdom. This is for our own good & wellbeing, God cares about the state of humanity, it is why He came to redeem us. As Moses relays, Noah built an ark on the promises of God, today we build upon the rock…Jesus. One & the same in many respects amidst the anarchy.


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