Monday, 15 February 2016

Pilgrims progress vs Peoples progress

Just as our origin is called into question so is our identity. It’s a big thing at the moment in the politics of the people…it has been since the birth of modernism which also has roots in Babel & Eden for that matter…Did God really say?…. Modern humanity embraces a new idea that becomes another idea & so on. But is it evolution or devolution, change equals both as we mutate in our spiritual death & natural state.

We sure are good at making mountains of trash & garbage too, Oscar the grouch would be proud of modernism where we get to stay in our swamp mushy muddy. Apparently Oscar’s colour was originally orange but he turned green after visiting swamp mushy muddy.

Many people like to identify with a world lost in sin & wrong doing…there is a huge consensus there but that doesn’t make something right does it & Oscar doesnt give a stuff for consensus either.

God himself came down to identify with humanity, to show us that the slimy pit of mud & mire is no place to live a life. God in the flesh willingly went to the cross, painful & gory as it was, not for himself…but for a lost humanity.

Oscar went from orange to green & thought he had found an ultimate happiness. In Christ we are transformed from sin soaked darkness into pure white. Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Psalm 40:1-17. John 1:35-37.


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