Monday, 8 February 2016

Passing through

On the weekend we did a road trip out into the country. I tend to draw towards rustic & weathered subjects. The memories or reminders of how we used to live seem more prevalent in the smaller towns plus there seems to be more space for things to be able to sit undisturbed.

There were some horse sales on so there were a lot of horse people around with cowboy/cowgirl boots, hats, belts & jeans & four wheel drives. Right in the middle of town was a surf shop. 

We had the opportunity to worship God & fellowship with some Christians from the country, chatting & sharing a cup of tea. The sermon was on the annointing of David by Samuel. 

David was considered the least of the least being the youngest. It's not often that we think of David that way given our knowledge of his life overall. Yet David, the after thought or who would of thought country kid becomes a noble King of Israel, serving God & leading His people where ever that road may take him.


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