Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A robot cannot do this

The Bible, although considered ancient, is a book for the modern world. It was written long before the dark ages, its scenes pan from the beginning of time(humanly speaking) through to eternity & its message is for everyone & everything in-between. Inward struggles, outward behaviour, technology & medicine all need guidelines lest they rule society & our lives.

Central to the Bible is the person of Jesus, God in the flesh. His purpose filled life & death speaks to all that is wrong & right with humanity & the environment. Many allude to the gore (which is just as much part of modern living- if not more).But don’t forget God instructed that land & animals be rested & cared for. Respect for human life & injury was paramount (Leviticus). Jesus took on human flesh & bone fully. Like a beast of burden he came to carry the load which was for us, butchered like a lamb & his blood poured out. The crucifixion resembles the Old Testament sacrifice…an atonement has been met & a price has been paid at great cost.

Not so much a big bang reliant on cosmological assumptions but something much more grand that can be traced through time & space as its effects tear through a spiritual darkness starting in the temple where the curtain is torn in two. Matt 27:51. The Gentile world will experience the power of God & His grace, love & peace far beyond whatever this present nature has to offer. The Creation will be restored, Humanity will be restored, Zion will be restored.


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