Saturday, 23 January 2016

Works in progress

Some thoughts on Australia Day...26th Jan...& the bigger picture.

There are plenty of elephants in the room on national days of celebration. Nations have historical pasts & indigenous ones & they are not pretty. But we all know we can’t turn back time, not even the hipsters in cities, the hippies on communes & the rat rodders that cruise the highways & byways powered by old & new school technology.

With all our wealth & prosperity many go hungry & live on the street, corporate companies appear to have more sway than the average citizen as the governments chase & juggle the dollars…one for you, two for me….& all of a sudden going backwards & getting bi polar symptoms become a reality. But you can’t put a nation or government in hospital can you, the show must go on.

The gift & blessing of life & going forth & multiplying which eventuates into nation building has lost its way. The corruptible nature of humanity & the anarchy & rebellion of unbelief leaves its trails of chaos & injustice. Always look on the bright side of life & advertising does little to satisfy the heart & soul of humanity.

Yet I may & can rejoice despite the circumstances that surround me. I have sought refuge in Jesus, I have fled to Him & His rule. In him is peace & I prosper by & in His Grace. Psalm 2:1-12.Col 1:15-23.


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