Friday, 15 January 2016

Life is a prelude of things to come

I have been trying to extract some time from my new schedule to get some posts up. It’s been a busy time of late, first some flooding in our area which has meant extra travel, then a new job & trying to do some stuff with our children as the school holiday period is ending soon. On top of that our router packed it in & since installing our new one it has become impractical to upload files due to the time it takes. What may appear to be a mix of time & chance or a series of unfortunate or fortunate events all unfolds in the wisdom of God’s invisible yet visible purposes. Eccl 9:11. The bigger picture is sublime & requires more than to glory in humankind & the blessing & mystery of life.

Our time will come again in a way. Judgement will be passed on what we have & have not done.Eccl 12:9-14.

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