Wednesday, 27 January 2016

From Darkness to Light

Maybe you know the drill by now, something violent happens & we, the alleged modern & advanced people automatically cast aspersion on the cavemen or the dark ages…funny that. Domestic violence, war & destruction are just as much a modern problem & chemical & technological warfare even more so.

The science of Darwinian thought has led to horrible atrocities by alleged enlightened people & governments but somehow society’s bias conveniently discards the data from the memory bank & the modern myths continue. Personal pride & the deletion of data can lead to dark, dark places no matter how civilised they appear.

Nineveh had civilisation & brute force but what it really needed was Salvation…Matt 12: 38-45. As much as we may like to look back with an air of superiority regarding the past we are just as human as they, make just as many mistakes & are in just as much need of Salvation from something greater than ourselves...Do the math, Jesus came into our culture, not to fine art it, but redeem it…


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