Monday, 25 January 2016

Friends, countrymen, lend me your hearts, mind & soul.

I appreciate my citizenship at this point in time but am generally judged by what I do as an individual. Society is really tribal in nature & the media tend to drum & amplify the assumed position or the direction they would like us to go. The myth of modernism is that we are gaining more knowledge & becoming a better people, more this & more that.

But much of what modernism seeks to attain is unproven, experimental & debunked…hardly rational at all really. It is another tribe with another agenda weaving its dark thread of deception under the canopy of heaven. Its rules & regulations are nothing more than peer reviewed thought bubbles of approval magnified by media outlets…a preferred model presented as fact, modern people drifting through time & space seeking answers amongst assumptions...The religion of rationalism.

If we want solid thinking then we must find something other than liquids, solids & gases. The answer has always been in Jesus. Rom 1.18-32. John 1:1.


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