Thursday, 28 January 2016

Divine order

Rationalists probably believe they are the only ones that can recognise the absurdity of superstition, however the Holy Bible also condemns superstition. The Heidelberg Catechism spells it out in summary for us to grasp its measure for our daily life.

Q & A 94
Q. What does the Lord require in the first commandment?
A. That I, not wanting to endanger my own salvation, avoid and shun all idolatry, sorcery, superstitious rites, and prayer to saints or to other creatures. That I rightly know the only true God, trust him alone and look to God for every good thing humbly and patiently, and love, fear, and honour God with all my heart. In short, that I give up anything rather than go against God’s will in any way.


Superstition is like talking to a wall, not to mention all the physical & mental harm it can inflict. God calls us to touch base, not touch wood or the top of a glass sliding around a board of many letters. Totems symbolise animal’s strengths & weaknesses & allude to the spirit world. Often rich in culture & respect for earth they are nevertheless lacking when it comes to understanding the Creator in His fullness. In a similar way Evolutionary dogma has no moral basis for life…we may as well live like a bird, ape, spider or plant. Eastern philosophy seeks healing, health & power through animal organs & plants but again found lacking & is harmful to our shared ecology.

It’s not as if God hasn’t shown us the way & it’s not as if many are not going to stop going their own way. But there comes a time & place when variety is not just the spice of life but a crowd of anti-discernment. If it were a traffic light green would be red & amber all at the same time…chaos. We see it now as humanity struggles with sexuality on the slippery slope of modernism with its absurdities which it believes to be true.

There is a reason why God made us the way that He did.

The equality/blend of green red & amber, 
enter at your own risk


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