Friday, 18 December 2015


There is a lot of doom & gloom in this world. The global garden & its inhabitants suffer. Even the secular world can’t argue with that. And in that misery we are looking for security or the ability to secure some happiness & peace.

Can it be founded or found in human government, some say laws are meant to be broken & many live it out day to day. Laws don’t change people, the problem is within. Democracy becomes more of the same just like any other world power or system when all is said & done.Each falls short in its own way.

Peace has come in the likeness of a child that grew into a man. This is no earthly or fairy-tale, it comes from & through heaven’s gate. God came into our miserable kingdom, a kingdom of our doing or undoing, trampling God & His ways, as if they meant nothing to us…All of us. Matt 21:33-46.

Jesus... He is our peace.

Above All Powers. Micheal. W. Smith


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