Saturday, 26 December 2015

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.John 1:9.

The ocean is composed of zones. Closest to the surface is the sunlight zone, further down the twilight zone, after that the midnight zone, and enter the Deep Sea Angler fish. Further below is the abyss zone & deeper still the trenches. The deep sea Angler is a fish that likes to fish, it has its own rod & lure with bling. But you don’t have to submerge into the depths to be lured in & snap swallowed up horribly by something.

The Bible tells us that people also set out to deceive, even people that come in the name of religion & Christianity among other teachings & ideas. 2 Cor 11-14. 2 Pet 2:1. It can be really hard at times to know what is safe & what’s not. It’s one reason why God has given His Word. God’s Word is a true light to show us the way, even if & when things get dangerous. Psalm 119:105. God can make difficult things easier to understand with good teachers.Eph 4:11-12. 


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