Sunday, 6 December 2015

The fight & the flight of Theism

Christianity has its own bed of roses as much as its bed of nails but it is not mind over matter or a meaningless exercise or red in tooth & claw. God the son in the flesh is already a part of, & target in, a spiritual battle. Joseph, Mary & Jesus must flee & Egypt becomes a haven of rest for a time.

The Flight into Egypt. 1883. Eugène Girardet (1853-1907)

The second & third NOEL’s give us more insight into the workings of the world. Satan is out to destroy God’s children, anywhere anytime. The friendly & enquiring face of Herod has a heart that is dark & full of self- interest. Yes, his power is great to deceive but God sees all. Matt 2:13-23.

Rev 12:1-17. symbolise the spiritual battle in an earthly perspective across the centuries. In all of this, God is there & He is victorious. History is natural & super-natural.


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