Friday, 11 December 2015

The cone of silence in every day life

Officially school is out for summer in our neck of the woods. My wife came home with her secret Santa gift, a tin of biscuits, the tin has a lovely pressed metal art work on the front. What struck me straight away was that it was a skinny Santa.

Secret Santa is sort of a Santa thing happening as much as a Saint Nick/Nicholas thing. Its not a random act of kindness & you deliberately keep your identity hidden...who was that masked man...sorta kind of without the super hero but the super natural is involved.

The Bible tells us that much of our giving should be done in secret, no need for a big song or dance or a mega cheque that takes two or three people to hold. Matt 6:1-15.Humility & service to others is something that God truly treasures.Godliness amongst the kaotic.

Biscuits dont make you skinny by the way

Saint Nicholas


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