Friday, 18 December 2015

Miniscule Christmas

It’s Christmas time in Australia. Cicada sounds fill the air, a time for hot summer days & nights. We have wild deer(not native) & kangaroo’s a plenty, boing, boing, boing.

When it comes to Christmas, spiders are usually a second or third behind snakes & lizards where the bush meets the cities & towns.

Over the years I have been very familiar with red backs & funnel webs but only this year have I discovered the Christmas spider, also known as the Jewel spider (Austracantha minax). While taking some video I stumbled across these small/tiny creatures. 

Each time I placed the camera near them they would scramble along their web, very camera shy. They were spaced evenly a metre or so apart along a farmers barb wired fence. Plenty of flies & bugs in Australia in the summer too, especially near farm animals.

But like most countries we like to have our family & fun stuff too.

Aussie Jingle Bells/Bucko & Champs


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