Saturday, 12 December 2015


Over the years I have built a big mental picture of the Williams River where I live. It is about a kilometre from our house & has a couple of public access points between private properties, much of them farmland. It begins high up in the Barrington Mountains. Further down its path it merges with the Hunter River before it meets the Pacific Ocean.

I get a fair bit of joy from this river with all its ecology & provision, a greater joy still knowing God’s handiwork & wisdom is woven through it & in it.

A lot of articles like to mention the science behind things…the Bible reveals that God is behind things too. God provides an objective moral & spiritual basis for our behaviour & we need to consider that just as much, if not more. 

Science often gets it wrong or hangs in speculation, it can lead us up the creek without a paddle. God does no such thing, yet the post-modern world treats God like trash. Alliances matter & have a cause & effect scenario also...consequences.


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