Monday, 14 December 2015

Dr Doing Little

Yesterday after working in the morning I had an hour to myself in the afternoon. I went for a swim down at the river & took along a boogie board & put a go pro camera on a mini tripod at the very front & proceeded to manoeuvre it around in turtle man fashion (no snapping turtles here thankfully, or crocs or sharks...).

There is a lot I like about the go pro but getting small things like dragon flies, small fish & even medium sized lizards captured on screen is not what it’s cut out for or I need to master it a bit more.If i could talk to the animals I would ask them to be still for just a little bit longer.

What I enjoyed most was spotting a kingfisher & enjoying the swim on a hot day & feeling like it was a holiday…no pressing engagements or deadlines…just cruising. I did smell a bit swampish after pushing through the river weed & my boardies went a bit green but it was enjoyable & relaxing. 


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