Friday, 13 November 2015

Working class cleaner

Karl the cleaner was doing the last shift for the week…Friday arvo. He was on a roll, even with a touch of fatigue & losing some time due to a hose blockage thanks to some remnant objects from the industrial & art classrooms, MIG wire & broken pottery with a special mention.

Approaching the primary classes with confidence as if on the home stretch with the end in sight Karl opened the first of four rooms in the block. The primary students had had a doing day…doing glitter & with all their heart by the look of it….Outside the heavy storm was letting it all come down, water, water everywhere, inside it was glitter, glitter everywhere.

But in spirit & perseverance Karl pressed on, like the students & teachers earlier in the day, there was another slope to ascend before the grand view & satisfaction of completeness could soak in…& so it was & all in good time, God's time.


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