Thursday, 19 November 2015

The frozen & the un-frozen

Some of our family went to watch an ice hockey game for the first time the other week. A young lady plays where my wife works. It just so happens that the school also has a visiting lady teacher from Canada who got to play as well (both on the red team).

On the night it was a mixed comp, men & women & pretty exciting. A bit of sound system hype when a goal is scored with the team’s song being played but no cheer leaders & no summersaults or anyone taking of their shirts in celebration…no streakers either.

Overall, lots of skills, end to end stuff & one injury when someone got corralled into the wall. The red team won & the Canadian lady had obviously played before & was great in defence & attack reading the game well. Both teams had their opportunities but it was the red team’s goalkeeper that made some great saves under pressure, somehow picking the puck out of the air & along the ice from ensuing attacks that probably made the difference.

Video stills

From the little that I have read ice hockey finds it’s roots with native American Indians.


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