Thursday, 26 November 2015

Talking Turkey & Truth

I don’t know much about American culture except what I have learnt on TV mostly so I probably know a fair bit. So it’s thanksgiving & turkey is on the menu & it probably has something to do with the Pilgrims who were escaping religious persecution back in England.

We have bush turkeys here in Australia & two big birds (flightless), the cassowary & the emu (approach with extreme caution…actually don’t approach.)

Our neighbours down the back have turkeys in a pen, they have a very distinct call (which is noisy according to my wife). I tend to think they are not the most glamourous of birds despite their beautiful colours. People don’t tend to favour wrinkly skin with dangly bits (sorry Davey Jones but that’s just the way it is).

I would say most people will be more focused on the golden brown flesh & skin in relation to cooking (please pass the gravy) & the turkey’s last thoughts (?) would have been more akin to behind enemy lines.

But still, in this very volatile world we have every reason (or at least 10,000) to be thankful & give thanks. God is not dead, nor has He abandoned His mission of Salvation. Great is Thy faithfulness, God provides good things for our enjoyment, its why we give thanks.  



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