Monday, 16 November 2015

Flocking to Mega or the Messiah

People love to follow by the look of it. Partakers in the modern world just can’t get enough of their digital pied pipers. Money for nothing & your chicks for free almost… rock star celebrity status with selfies for confirmation & promotion...pretty tribal & ancient when you think of it.

But can you survive the modern land of Mega Follow. Life in the fast, fast mbps lane & is that how we are meant to live anyway. Is it all it’s cracked up like a phone screen due for repair meant to be & will your device save your soul or even tell you you have a soul or is it only interested in your heart rate & location.

No one is on a road to nowhere.Yes we all serve, worship or follow something & consequences follow too. So who or what do you serve, worship or follow & will it stand the test of time & truth.

John 10:1-21.Psalm 23:1-6.


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