Saturday, 17 October 2015

Unearthing God

I have become more like a tractor & less like a car as I am getting older. My gearing & pace have changed & I can handle some of the rough stuff a bit better. But I still need maintenance, care & rest & that comes in the form of my family, friends & church which is God’s physical or visible testimony of how He transforms lives & upholds truth in a world that is on a path of desolation & destruction.

The Bible teaches that the church will have hypocrisy in varying degrees at times but God is bigger than all of it. Not big like Goliath who depended on his might & power. God is big in wisdom & humility & skill...There is nothing that is outside of His domain, he made it, after all. Supernatural brings forth nature & humanity.

God's gearing & pace is different again, as King of the Ages his earth is being ploughed & seed being sown across vast amounts of time & nations, life is not a mystery to be discovered all on our own but a path to be taken with another in fellowship & that connection finds it ultimate in God. From Him all blessings flow & find their true purpose. We do our bit, God does His. It’s a combination. 
Acts 17:16-34.

God provides...
Traction for a slippery & bumpy world
 with a destination out of this world.
John 1:1-14.


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