Friday, 30 October 2015

Room service

Casual cleaning every now & then has become a part of my work culture after my usual deliveries. I think the pre-employment physical/medical was in honour of Rocky Balboa or the French Foreign Legion but I made it, who would of thought vacuuming & emptying bins & occasionally mastering a mop & bucket  would require the strength of an ox & marathon stamina, but there you have it, a cleaning concord & yes it is tiring & physical work.

So it’s out into the wastelands I tread, broken pens & pencils & pea shooter casings, the aroma of food scraps & dastardly metallic objects that cling to the carpet…staples & broken paper clips bite into the fabric like chewing gum woven into a fleece. In the playground black shiny crows are more daring now, the children have left & the crows are free to roam. The doves too enjoy their pickings as lost property sits silently in a ghost town setting as the breeze gently moves the dust & leaves & canteen or lunch box remnants.

The clock ticks on, the vacuum hums, it almost screams. Especially when I roll it on a corner then it sits in silence when the cord disengages from the socket. If there is anything different about this school it’s the books…Bibles in every room almost, no religious images as such although the occasional Bible verse is posted on a wall. The cleaning team also begin their shift with a prayer, acknowledging the creator God at work in this learning but not always perceptive world. 


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