Thursday, 29 October 2015

Plants, vines, bottles & cans

I am not a big drinker of alcohol but do enjoy a glass of beer or wine every now & then. While on my delivery rounds during the day it’s not unusual to see someone walking along with a bottle of alcohol wrapped up in a brown paper bag or a shopping trolley with remnants of a can of spirits or amber liquid near the taxi rank near three bottle shops at the local shopping centre.

Drinking can be relaxing & enjoyable as much as destructive & stuporous.
 “Oh, I love my Rosie child —You got the way to make me happy. You and me, we go in style ... Cracklin' Rose, you're a store bought woman You make me sing like a guitar hummin” (Neil Diamond) or chords that don’t blend with strings missing.

The Bible reveals wisdom when it comes to daily life as much as salvation for souls. Many need this wisdom today just as much as the past, if not more as the world seeks pleasure to cope with the pain in search of happiness. And it’s not just the drinkers but the non- drinkers also.


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