Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fire & Rain

The rain is steadily pouring down at the moment, it has been since yesterday evenings thunder storms pretty much. This comes after two days of very hot & dry weather & is most enjoyable to the senses…God is good.Job 28:1-28.

The created order has so much to marvel at & there are moments when we get to soak much of it in. Amazing wisdom & not a freakish occurrence, which is what modern (materialistic) science builds its ideas on. The alleged Big bang & all that, non-living matter transforming into living matter & apparently needing water for that process hence all the academic banter about mars etc…but that idea needs some work if the truth be told.

Meanwhile the media inflate the evolutionary dogma story, keeping it apparently afloat & buoyant. Sure, there is a lot of consensus out there if you’re into consensusism & mathematical democratic interpretation but that isn’t necessarily truth or science is it. Modern (atheistic) science has its own holy trinity of earthly origins, by nature alone through science alone in consensus alone or something like that.

And what of space & panspermia...the same problems remain.


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