Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wrecking Ball (Unintentional)

It was a beautiful spring morning on Monday. We were on our way into work when I spotted a family of wood ducks out amongst the grass feeding. By the time I had pulled up & walked back the mother duck had sensed danger & had gone into hiding with the ducklings in the open field. Realising my shot was no more I thought getting close to the mother & ducklings taking cover might make a good shot. So I climbed over the fence & moved in.

I actually got too close & the mother took flight & the ducklings scattered every which way. Much to my distress two crows instantly went into predator mode & singled out one of the chicks while others ran towards the road where traffic was passing.

While trying to scare the crows away I thought I heard a farmer yelling at me to get out of his field so I felt pretty terrible but the little duckling seemed to have made a break away from the crows, meanwhile I came across another duckling up near the road, laying still & flat. It was so petrified that I could pick it up & move it to a safer place. So I felt pretty terrible about wanting to get the shot after all that. 


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