Monday, 7 September 2015

Sand & Stone

Throughout millennia people have raised stones in commemorations of an event or events. Stone henge gets truckloads of airplay but there are many smaller stones that are usually forgotten or disregarded.

Modern peoples also raise large rocks in the name of art or sculpture or secular ideology & praise the maker or the state. 

Some time ago in ancient Israel’s history the prophet Samuel erected a stone & named it Ebenezer. 1 Sam 7:3-12.

God alone is the one who can truly save, even when we stray He shows himself to be compassionate & gracious as He delivers us from our prodigalness & evil time & time again.

All those things in nature although filled with wonder, beauty & function cannot deliver us from evil, only God can do that & its good to sing about it.

Old hymns have depth of meaning

Chris Rice: come Thou Fount of Every Blessing


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