Monday, 14 September 2015

Managing momentum

I played a new game on my wife’s ipad or tablet the other day. The little coloured trains appear from a tunnel & work their way towards a set of points. You have to touch the points so that the train can make its way to the matching coloured shed. It starts off pretty easy but then the challenges & timing increases & not too long down the track the engines aren’t going where they are supposed to thanks to the a bit fat controller.

Under pressure it’s usually my prayer life that gets shifted into a shed & Bible reading not long after that & it becomes a game of catch up. I still pray but it’s more like an emergency telegram than deep conversation & I keep an eye out on the radio for a Christian devotion or song when able but I know it should be more.

I learnt once that steam trains can lose traction & become ineffective when carrying a load. The big round steel wheels just spin in the same spot. There is a small tube that runs next to the wheels where a gritty substance, usually sand, can be applied to the track which assists with grip.

The age of steam with all its complexity may have passed us by but the modern age is just as complex & God is just as present in our strife as we seek to maintain our godly living...Ever patient, ever faithful & always on time.

In the work shop


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