Thursday, 20 August 2015

God also long suffers

Foolishly, I don’t always take hold of the forgiveness of sins that has been plainly demonstrated at the cross & declared in the pages of Scripture. It’s too easy, too free, & me being a sucker for punishment I labour on believing I am unworthy of God’s wonderful love & power to save. 

It must be for others, me, I am just meant to take hold of my miserable & oppressive situation in a kind of limboesque mental utopia of self pity or blinsidedness…

Not at all says Scripture…Acts 2:21. We are to continually call on the Name of the Lord. He hears us & delivers us, particularly out of the depths. God doesn’t stop being God. Acts 2:14-41. & Peter of all people should know.

Man shall not live by bread alone. Deut 8:3-5. Psalm 103:1-22.Take hold of it.

Out of the land of slavery


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