Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ayyyyyy(the Fonz) Ayzzzzz(me)

My life doesn’t have much ‘flare’ at the moment, it’s just ordinary stuff, doing jobs, chasing the clock & feeling tired. It’s not that I have anything to complain about & I have much to be thankful for, so much really, the blessing of ordinary stuff in a difficult, painful & often busy world.

I came across this 5 min youtube clip this morning of Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian who plays a bit of guitar & he was expressing a bit of flare, probably Spanish or South American flare ( with technology) I would say by the sound of it, pretty funny really. 

The closest I will get to cool & flare today will be 
winding down a window in the van & I might try a bit of auto pilot….


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