Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Revealing God

Ordinarily fire burns, it consumes. This can bring comfort & warmth in the cold but get too close & expect some excruciating pain & possible singeing & scarring & maybe even death. To see a tree in flames but not burning up would be a strange sight indeed & so it was with Moses.

The God who made nature reveals His power in limited yet unrestricted ways. God who made all things is deeply concerned with the sin induced slavery that now oppresses the modern world as it did the ancient.

Ordinarily slavery was a good thing in Hebrew culture providing work & after a time freedom was offered to the slave. But the slippery slope of changing governments in a foreign land meant slavery became something else entirely different…oppression & misery & death.

But this is not about worker’s rights as important as they are reflecting integrity & respect which stems from God’s holiness, this is about the curse of death now & in the afterlife. Jesus is a type of Moses but far greater, leading His people out of oppression, setting us free to walk with God & his great, great, love. Jesus, Prince of peace, now & forever.

Ex1:1-3:22. Rev 21:1-8. Rev 22:1-5.

El SHADDAI Amy Grant (Live)


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