Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Breaking Bad

At times we get small flocks of Ibis foraging in our yard & they often are found congregating in large dead trees in the region through the day if there not poking their beaks into the ground for some food. Last Sunday evening we went for a drive up the road to take in a sunset. Along with the cows the Ibis were there too as the sun receded behind the hills then off they flew northwards as the sky darkened. 

Not long after we also headed home, I decided on one last photo by the side of the road. As I was taking the photo a large flock of Ibis flew over my head, the sound of their wings cutting through the air on mass & in unison. If they were the same flock then had flown in a large arc, first heading northwards, then southwards and covered about 8 klms / 5 miles before settling on another dead tree in the middle of a small dam for the night.

Due to habitat pressure Ibis are adapting to urban living & getting a reputation for being scavengers & ending up with names like bin chicken, dump chook, trash vulture & tip turkey.

It's no L.A. International Airport (song) out here 
although the RAAF do some training exercises 
at times & passenger jets ascend & descend in the 
surrounding sky from nearby Williamtown. 


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