Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Train I ride

Context is everything really, without it we lose necessary information to keep us on track. Either things get derailed or someone changes the points & we then head in a different direction. Generally conversations have a flow to them, unless you’re a comedian, teacher or media outlet having a play on words…”I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French toast during the Renaissance.” Steven Wright-comedian.

Stuff like that can be really funny but equally very damaging depending on the situation. Theologically speaking many refer to Peter’s mentioning of days as having something to do with creation but it is evidently clear that He is writing about the second coming & God’s patience & timing, that is the context regarding 2 Pet 3:8.

In Isaiah 56:1 it is prophesied that something is not that far off yet this was 700 years approx. before the suffering Servant would enter into human flesh & walk several dusty miles in our shoes or sandals before His triumphal entry of pursuit into Jerusalem. & not so funnily enough & it’s not breakfast but a supper that we eat in a similar way today as did the disciples in a God given context. While many say go this way or that way God gives us a train of thought & keeps us on track towards the glorious kingdom… lest our hearts & minds mutate or de-rail.


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