Thursday, 4 June 2015

Schools of Thought

The people of western culture are becoming very religious in an anti-Christian way. Enter nature documentaries. More & more the evolutionary narrative which has gaping holes, dubious fossils & built on untestable assumptions with miraculous outcomes is given a free pass. In the nature programs its evolution this, evolution that. No mention of any inconsistencies, controversies or failings...but there really are many, so much for critical thinking.

Christianity on the other hand, in the media gets no equal treatment what so ever. Everything is focused on the alleged inconsistencies, controversies & the failings seem to be greatly exaggerated, stuck on loop & shaded with dark sarcasm. 

The robots of the 21st century are on the production line & it’s not just machines that are being programed to think artificially & in an extremely limited way.

Another Brick in the wall 2

Evolutionary Pty Limited Incorporated has its own spaghetti machine, mince grinder & monsters too, they are just reluctant to talk about it or promote it as much (anti-education).


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