Sunday, 21 June 2015

Renovation & the house of God.

Nature then was not as it appears today for three main reasons. After all things being made good humanity fell into sin by its own doing, even after being warned of the dire consequences that brought about death, decay & alienation from our Maker. Expelled, we now make our own way in this limited & doomed world, a mixture of belief & unbelief in varying proportion, interpretation & distortion.

The account of the mighty flood which preaches destruction & salvation, the mighty flood of catastrophic proportion reshapes the word that was. Not long after that the quest for greatness continues & God, by supernatural means effects humanities ability to communicate by one language & humans disperse across the globe as we breakdown genetically also, fragmenting into nations & regions, drawing from nature, intelligence & imagination.

In this God preserves his plan of Salvation through humanity, as it was with Noah so it is with Abraham & Sarah who are now called to follow God & live in communion with Him. From Abraham & Sarah a child will come along with blessing from God, a people that will live by faith & not by nature alone.

Gen 1:1-12:20. Heb 11:1-40.


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