Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Order in apparent chaos

The truth is people say a lot & claim a lot of things that are not true, pure deceitful emptiness. Society is filled with hearsay & courts of law daily deal with he said, she said, they said. The church today as it was in the past can be places of controversy & contention. At times it may be our own doing at others Satan purposefully seeks to undermine truth & confuse the issues.1 Peter 5:8.

Nevertheless God’s authenticated plan of salvation & healing remains constant & unshakable. 2 Tim 2:19. Paying the price & taking our place the misery of sin no longer has an eternal hold, glory be to Jesus our pioneer & perfector. God's promises are like an earthly edict, only far greater & layered throughout history in things seen & unseen. Isa 55:6-13.

Paper seal with intensified light & shade from the 1800's


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