Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Andy Warhol would be considered a Modern Master when it comes to Art. If you haven’t noticed Minions & animation are in as far as popular or pop culture goes at the moment & they are getting more than fifteen minutes of fame. Unmistakable & easily recognisable, as many day to day things are, yet given so much status. 

What is usually considered mundane becomes magnificent. As it was with the golden calf so it is with life. God teaches us that to idolise or worship the made instead of the maker is a form of idoatry(which is different to art appreciation).

95. Q. What is idolatry?
A. Idolatry is having or inventing something in which to put our trust instead of, or in addition to, the only true God who has revealed Himself in His Word.
I Chron:16:26. Gal:4:8- 9.Eph:5.5. Phil: 3:19.

Heidelberg Confession

This catechism was written by Zacharias Ursinus (1534-1583) and Caspar Olevianus (1536-1584) in Heidelberg, Germany and published in 1563 in German. It was endorsed by the Synod of Dort and embraced by Reformed Churches in many different countries. It is the custom of many churches that use it to explain it from the pulpit every Sunday afternoon, so it is divided into fifty-two sections.


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