Sunday, 14 June 2015

Coastal at Newcastle, New south Wales.

We live near a fresh water river in a rural area but as a child I grew up in the suburbs of a large city. In the summer, on a Saturday, in the afternoon after work mum & dad would take us to the beach to enjoy the ocean. It was a good spot as it had a small & large beach along with ocean baths & a circular shallow pool. The surrounding rock shelves had plenty of rock pools with star fish, shellfish & crabs etc.

My wife & I were driving by the other week when we spotted a group of dolphins cruising along so we quickly got a park & enjoyed the moment. I had my camera so I got a few shots. 

Northern side of the general area taken at another time.

Dolphins @ dusk

Some were spotted & one fin is missing it's tip

I think its the pump room

Southern side with circular pool(empty)


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