Wednesday, 24 June 2015

4 Better or Worse

I have been sick with the flu recently, as much as I would have liked to be doing things I really needed to rest & even then, this time round it has been difficult to get back to good health. Suffering in sickness came about because of ‘the fall’ says Scripture. Gen 3.

So often an argument against Christianity is that God allows suffering yet who can deny all the good & pleasurable experiences in life also…Does God then get the praise for that? & suffering came about because humanity disobeyed, even after being forewarned. Suffering can & does give us a reality check regarding this temporal life & eternity. Suffering can also be a time of compassion, care & healing as much as agony, pain & death.

When we look at the life of Christ we cannot say God is indifferent to suffering, either here & now or when it comes to eternity. Even in the Old Testament various laws were in place for the benefit & safety of the community with numerous health regulations including a national day of rest each week.

In sickness & in health God is faithful to His children no matter their age.


A more in depth look at the challenge of suffering regarding the justice of God.


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