Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cause, effect & purpose

The Bible paints a not so pretty prophetic picture of the last days. There will be strong opposition to Christianity which in many respects will appear like a dead corpse in an open street. Although visible & seemingly dead, God is not playing possum with his church as surrounding people build their life upon the shifting sands of time. Rev 11:1-14.

As it was with Noah & his family so it is with the family of faith. Matt 24:36-39. God who provided a rainbow in the sky as a comforting sign that the terror of the great flood as a judgement was now over also reveals more of the unfolding prophecy. In as much as God is revealing His love & mercy & is committed to redemption for humanity. Satan & all who serve him will suffer a final judgement for their self- centred rebellion.

God again uses nature & nurture to illustrate & symbolise His story of Salvation as much as His power as Creator. It’s not that we can’t study God’s world & utilise the many gifts He has given, but to become entrenched in materialism & become laws unto ourselves is to become the very people that God destroyed in the great flood because of their rebellious hearts. It’s plain to see but it’s not just optical.


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