Saturday, 10 January 2015

Not always apparent

Although rain has been showering  all of the day, the past week was hot & humid, except for early in the mornings. On a few occasions I have been able to spend time with my wife paddling & swimming which is a good activity also for the strengthening of my core muscles says my doctor. As usual I have my camera intact & nine times out of ten remember to bring along a spare battery.

This is a short video clip of one of our adventures into an unknown part of the river system in the area.

Yesterday we ventured to another part of the river after having some lunch with the kids as they swam in one of their favourite swimming spots. Further up the river we came across an Azure Kingfisher that puzzled us as it hardly changed its position for a very long period. At one moment it appeared to dive & then hover & splash upon the surface before being half submerged for another long period of time.

I thought it had maybe caught something large & was holding onto that with its feet, my wife thought it may be cooling itself. We decided to leave it & head further along. Upon our return it was again standing upon the small log so we assumed all was good but I began to be concerned for the beautiful bird’s wellbeing. We moved in slowly & got ever so close (which was unusual) & then in a burst it flew off which eased my mind.

Later that night after downloading images, I discovered that the bird had been caught up in fine fishing line. I noticed again that the log was very wet which suggested it had been there & in a struggle for a long time.  

early morning

Now  you see me

Now you dont

Water Dragon

Blue eyes

Dragon Fly

Azure Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher


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