Monday, 12 January 2015

Game on & game

The Asia Cup Soccer Tournament is currently underway in Australia, which is a plus for soccer fans. I have watched a bit & came across this item this morning...a child shows the way.

Penalties & penalty shoot outs can be pretty daunting affairs for both the shooter, the keeper, the team & their supporters. I am not familiar with the technique of asking the ball boy which way the ball will go (game).

This is an old photo from my soccer days of years gone by. I played in an all age church comp for many years, we won a premiership or two, one that went into extra time, then a penalty shoot out with some extra penalties to be the decider...tense & legendary stuff.

One of our many esteemed players was a professor at a university who was in contact with overseas students, one year we had two Argentinian's that played, probably since they could we were grateful for the opportunity to pass on some of our skills so they could take them back to South America to share:)

One of our backs (4 4 2 usually) was a young guy who quoted Monty Python throughout the game, we had two midfielders who ran all day, one a welshman & the other a train driver who was usually late & was probably responsible for the trend of short shorts. Our captain insisted on enjoyment & tactics, a forward who could get inside or outside his man for the shot....



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