Saturday, 10 January 2015

Current Affairs

We forget so easily,(this is not an ad for brainetics or enhanced memory recall)
yesterdays news fades fast unless its your axe to grind or you have a memory like an elephant. 

Caught up in the media hype & personal quests without waiting for the bigger picture to eventuate has its dangers.

It's no wonder we question ourselves at times...who am I.The pressure to conform to mainstream or worldy judgements is a strong current. The crowds are there to be whipped up or played. I am neither of the two images below yet I share in their story. 

Jesus understood the world in which He walked, more than any. The temptations, the governments, religions & beliefs of the day. In his unmatchable wisdom he calls us to build in one place & one place alone...on the rock, Christ the solid rock. Matthew 7:24-29.


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